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Selected Recent Publications 
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Foy, R., Lew, K.X. & Saurin, A.T. The search for CDK4/6 inhibitor biomarkers has been hampered by inappropriate proliferation assays. bioRxiv, 2023.03.15.532719 (2023).

Manuscript posted to bioRxiv (see here)

*Foy, R., *Crozier, L., Pareri, A.U., Park, B.H. & Saurin, A.T. Oncogenic signals prime cancer cells for toxic cell growth during a G1 cell cycle arrest. bioRxiv, 2022.2009.2008.506962 (2022).
Manuscript posted to bioRxiv (see here)

*Crozier, L., *Foy, R., *Adib, R., Badonyi, M., Kar, A., Holt, J.A., Wilson, R., Regnault, C., Whitfield, P., Marsh, J.A., **Saurin, A., **Barr, A.R. & **Ly, T. Cell overgrowth during G1 arrest triggers an osmotic stress response and chronic p38 activation to promote cell cycle exit. bioRxiv, 2022.2009.2008.506843 (2022). *joint first-authors. **co-corresponding authors

Manuscript posted to bioRxiv (see here)

Corno, A., Cordeiro, M.H., Allan, L.A., Wei, Q., Harrington, E., Smith, R.J. & Saurin, A.T. A bifunctional kinase-phosphatase module integrates mitotic checkpoint and error-correction signalling to ensure mitotic fidelity. bioRxiv, 2022.2005.2022.492960 (2022).

Manuscript posted to bioRxiv, reviewed at Review Commons, and reviews posted on bioRxiv (see here)


Crozier L, Foy R, Mouery BL, Whitaker RH, Corno A, Spanos C, Ly T, Cook JG, and Saurin AT. CDK4/6 inhibitors induce replication stress to cause long-term cell cycle withdrawal. EMBO J 2022 Mar 15;41(6):e108599; doi: 

Commentary article for Crozier et al (2022) in EMBO J: click here

Manuscript originally posted to bioRxiv, reviewed at Review Commons, and reviews posted on bioRxiv (see here)

Cordeiro MH, Smith RJ, Saurin AT. Kinetochore phosphatases suppress autonomous Polo-like kinase 1 activity to control the mitotic checkpoint. J Cell Biol. 2020 Dec 7;219(12):e202002020. doi: 10.1083/jcb.202002020.

Commentary article for Cordeiro et al (2020) in J Cell Biol: click here

Manuscript originally posted to bioRxiv, reviewed at Review Commons, and reviews posted on bioRxiv (see here)

Allan LA, Camacho Reis M, Ciossani G, Huis in ’t Veld P, Wohlgemuth S, Kops GJPL, Musacchio A and Saurin AT. Cyclin B1 scaffolds MAD1 at the kinetochore corona to activate the mitotic checkpoint. EMBO J. 2020.  Mar 23:e103180. doi: 10.15252/embj.2019103180. 

Commentary article for Allan et al (2020) in EMBO J: click here

Commentary article for Allan et al (2020) in J Cell Biol: click here

Manuscript originally posted to bioRxiv (see here)


Sloan, R.J.S. and Saurin, A. 2019. The Enemy Within: Designing a Cell-Based Gameplay System for Cancer Education. Proceedings of CHI Play 2019, Barcelona, Spain.

Click here for the unformatted open access version

*Smith RJ, *Cordeiro MH, Davey NE, Vallardi G, Ciliberto A, Gross F and Saurin AT. PP1 and PP2A use opposite phospho-dependencies to control distinct processes at the kinetochore. 2019 Apr. Cell Reports In Press. *equal contribution

PreLights commentary article for Smith et al (2019): click here

Manuscript originally posted to bioRxiv (see here)

Cell scientist to watch – Adrian Saurin. Journal of Cell Science 2019

Vallardi G, Allan LA, Crozier L and Saurin AT. Division of labour between PP2A-B56 isoforms at the centromere and kinetochore. eLife. 2019 Mar 4;8. pii: e42619. doi: 10.7554/eLife.42619.

Manuscript originally posted to bioRxiv (see here)

Saurin AT. Kinase and Phosphatase Cross-Talk at the Kinetochore. Front Cell Dev Biol. 2018 Jun 19;6:62


Skowyra A, Allan LA, *Saurin AT, *Clarke PR. USP9X Limits Mitotic Checkpoint Complex Turnover to Strengthen the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint and Guard against Chromosomal Instability. Cell Reports. 2018 Apr 17;23(3):852-865  * Co-corresponding

Gelens L and Saurin AT. Exploring the function of dynamic phosphorylation-dephosphorylation cycles. Developmental Cell. 26 March 2018, Pages 659–663

Short video description of Gelens and Saurin (2018): Click here

Gelens L, Qian J, Bollen M and Saurin AT. The Importance of Kinase-Phosphatase Integration: Lessons from Mitosis. Trends in Cell Biology. 2018 Jan. click here for unformatted open access version 

Short video description of Gelens et al (2018): Click here

Smith L, Farzan R, Ali S, Buluwela L, Saurin AT, Meek DW. The responses of cancer cells to PLK1 inhibitors reveal a novel protective role for p53 in maintaining centrosome separation. Sci Rep. 2017 Nov 23;7(1):16115.

Cordeiro MH, Smith RJ, Saurin AT. A fine balancing act: A delicate kinase-phosphatase equilibrium that protects against chromosomal instability and cancer.  Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2017 Nov 3.

Click here for unformatted open access version.

Vallardi G, Cordeiro MH and Saurin AT. A kinase-phosphatase network that regulates kinetochore-microtubule attachments and the SAC. Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology. 2017;56:457-484. Click here for unformatted open access version.

Saurin AT and Kops GJPL. Studying kinetochore kinases. Methods in Molecular Biology. 2016;1413:333-47.

Click here for unformatted open access version.

Vallardi G and Saurin AT. Mitotic kinases and phosphatases cooperate to shape the right response. Cell Cycle. 2015;14(6):795-6. 

Mchedlishvili N, Jonak K, Saurin AT. Meeting report--Getting Into and Out of Mitosis. J Cell Sci. 2015 Nov 15;128(22):4035-8. 

Nijenhuis W, Vallardi G, Teixeira A, *Kops GJ, *Saurin AT. Negative feedback at kinetochores underlies a responsive spindle checkpoint signal. Nature Cell Biology. 2014. Dec;16(12):1257-64.

Click here for unformatted open access version. 

Mullers E, Cascales HS, Jaiswal H, Saurin AT, Lindqvist A. Nuclear translocation of Cyclin B1 marks the restriction point for terminal cell cycle exit in G2 phase. Cell Cycle. 2014 13:17, 2733-2743

Kuijt T, Omerzu M, Saurin AT, and Kops GJPL. Conditional targeting of Mad1 to kinetochores is sufficient to reactivate the spindle assembly checkpoint in metaphase. Chromosoma. 123(5):471-80.

Shaltiel IA, Aprelia M, Saurin AT, Chowdhury D, Kops GJPL, Voest EE, Medema RH. Distinct phosphatases antagonize the p53 response in different phases of the cell cycle. PNAS. 2014. 20;111(20):7313-8. 

Akopyan K, Silva Cascales H, Hukasova E, Saurin AT, Müllers E, Jaiswal H, Hollman DA, Kops GJ, Medema RH, Lindqvist A. Assessing kinetics from fixed cells reveals activation of the mitotic entry network at the s/g2 transition. Molecular Cell. 2014 53(5); 843-853.

*Van der Waal MS, *Saurin AT, Vromans MJ, Vleugel M, Wurzenberger C, Gerlich D Kops GJPL, Lens SMA. Mps1 promotes rapid centromere accumulation of Aurora B. EMBO reports. 2012 Sep;13(9):847-54. *equal contribution

Saurin AT, van der Waal MS, Medema RH, Lens SMA, Kops GJPL. Aurora B potentiates Mps1 activation to ensure rapid checkpoint establishment at the onset of mitosis. Nature Communications. 2011 May;.2:316 doi: 10.1038/ncomms1319

Kops GJ, Saurin AT, Meraldi P. Finding the middle ground: how kinetochores power chromosome congression. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences. 2010 Jul;67(13):2145-61.

Cameron AJ, Escribano C, Saurin AT, Kostelecky B, Parker PJ.  PKC maturation is promoted by nucleotide pocket occupation independently of intrinsic kinase activity. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. 2009 Jun;16(6):624-30.

Saurin AT, Durgan J, Cameron AJ, Faisal A, Marber MS, Parker PJ. The regulated assembly of a PKCepsilon complex controls the completion of cytokinesis. Nature Cell Biology. 2008; 10:891-901.

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